Orientation Course

When the two disciples of John the Baptist heard their master pointing to Jesus as “Lamb of God”, the disciples were moved to follow Jesus. When Jesus sees them following Him, he asked them, “what do you seek?” Their answer was, “Rabbi where do you stay”, and Jesus answered “come and see”. Ref. Jh 1/35-39. Orientation is an initial period of one year, where coming, seeing and experiencing the beauty of the Garden of Mt. Carmel. Our Charism is prayer at the service of the church. Therefore, during this Course of one year, a candidate is introduced to prayer life in its two aspects which are Communal and Personal, introduction to Psalms, introduction to Carmelite Saints, Liturgy and communal sharing. With the help of Orientation Director, a candidate is introduced to the process of discerning his vocation. At the end of the year, Orientation Director with the help of the formation community examines critically the candidate before promoting him to the second stage of the formation.

1. Alex Joseph Katabi
2. Divadhent Mgala
3. Aziz Eliud Christian
4. Henrick Cornelu Nganga
5. Fredrick Alex Ngassa
6. Bruno Bernanrd Changachanga
7. Asheli Musa Nkohozi