Currently, we have foundations in five diocese: 1) Bunda; 2) Dar Es Salaam; 3) Mbeya; 4) Morogoro; and 5) Songea. Within these foundations we serve seven parishes along with their respective outstations, operate two schools and two vocational training facilities for women, and manage two infirmaries. Additionally, we run a house of formation for postulants and another for major seminarians who are studying philosophy and theology.

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Founded : 1989
Patroness : Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Diocese : Morogoro

Carmelite Friars
P. O. Box 363
Morogoro - Tanzania

Ph: +255 23 260 3800


  1. Fr. Marlon Rodrigues, Regional Vicar
  2. Fr. Shabas Crasta, Superior & Director, Carmel Pre & Primary School, Designate Parish Priest of the quasi Parish (Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church)
  3. Fr. Edwin Mushi, Local Vocation Promotor & Assistant Director, Carmel Pre & Primary School
  4. Fr. Praveen Frank, Vicariate Bursar & Vicar's Secretary

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Founded: 2002
Patroness: St. Edith Stein
Diocese: Morogoro

Carmelite Friars
P. O. Box 363
Kola Hills, Morogoro, Tanzania

Phone: 00255 – 23 – 260 – 1644

Mobile: +255 784 446 060

Fr. Sylvester Msemwa, Rector & Formator

Fr. John Gibson, Vice Rector

Fr. Rovel D'souza

Philosophy Students

I Year:

1. Bro. Urban Dimona

2. Bro. Abel Mbogho

3. Bro. Cyprian Kiwele

II Year:

1. Bro. Charles Muyenjwa

2. Bro. Peter Chami

3. Bro. Simon Rupoli

Theology Students

I Year:

1. Bro. Cosmas Kamwendo (Malawi)

2. Bro. Paul Chitende (Malawi)

II Year:

1. Bro. Sandeep Kumar

2. Bro. Patrick Dalikeni (Malawi)

3. Bro. Joseph Ndikuriyo (Burundi)

4. Bro. Regan Paul D'souza

III Year :
1. Bro. Raymond Sangu

2. Bro. Ezechiel Mukeze (Burundi)

IV Year:
1. Bro. Nestor Mtiwa (Malawi)

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Founded: 1991
Patron: St. Joseph the Worker
Diocese: Morogoro

Carmelite Friars
Malolo – Mission
P.O.Box 135
Mikumi – Tanzania

Fr. Dolphy D’Souza, Superior, Director of Carmel Secondary School

Fr. Rohan Miranda, Parochial Vicar & Director of Carmel Secondary School

Fr. Elius Malale, Parish Priest

Br. Nelson Vaz, Community Experience      

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Founded: 2003
Patron: St. Martin of Tours
Archdiocese: Songea

Carmelite Fathers
P.O.Box 380

Mobile: +255 686 920 066

Fr. Vivian Menezes, Superior & Parish Priest, Mpandagindo

Fr. Roshan Pinto, Parochial Vicar & Local Vocation Promoter

Fr. Baptist Fernandes.

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St. Peter Claver Parish, Mbezi Luis

Founded: 2000
Archdiocese: Dar Es Salaam

Carmelite Fathers
Mbezi Luis Parish
P.O. Box 6813
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Mobile : +255 754 588 773

Fr. Ivan Monteiro, Superior & Parish Priest

Fr. Sunil Menezes, Parochial Vicar and Local Vocation Promoter

Fr. Jeevan Almeida

St. Therese Parish, Mbezi Mwisho

Founded: 2007
Archdiocese: Dar Es Salaam

Carmelite Fathers
St. Therese Parish
P.O. Box 80157
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Mobile: +255 788 930 462

Fr. Reevan Cutinha,  Parish Priest
Fr. Theophil Wabakundi, Parochial Vicar & Local Vocation Promoter

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Founded: 2000
Patroness: St. Therese of Child Jesus
Diocese: Mbeya

Malisho Carmelite Community
P.O. Box 203
Uyole – Mbeya, Tanzania

Phone: 00255 – 252 – 510 – 123

Email: malishoocd@yahoo.com

Fr. Joseph D’Souza, Superior & Parish Priest

Fr. Renatus Payovela, Director of Spirituality Centre and Postulants, Parochial Vicar and Local Vocation Promoter

Fr. Joyson Saldanha, Parochial Vicar

Br. Gonsalva Matembo, Regent

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Founded: 2012
Patron: St. Stanislaus
Diocese: Bunda

Carmelite Fathers
P.O. Box 131
Bunda – Mara, Tanzania

Phone: 00255 – 764– 880– 703

Email: fransocd@gmail.com , reggiemworia@gmail.com

Fr. Francis D'Souza OCD Superior and parish priest

Fr. Reginald safari Mworia Asst. parish priest and regional vocation promoter

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Friars Serving Abroad in Parishes

St. Thomas More Catholic Church

Fr. Israel Gonsalves and Fr. Baptist Fernandes

Sacred Heart Cathedral
Fr. Melwin Pinto, Fr. Ronald Sequeira

Parrocchia di S. Andrea Apostolo
Fr. Aureus Mwinuka

Friars Studying Abroad

Comunita di Specializzazione
Fr. Stany Rodrigues, Fr. Roshan Lobo, and Fr. Wilfred Pais


Fr. Raymond Santhanaz

Friars in Formation Abroad

Carmelite Novitiate
Bro. Sylvester Mpabhangaya, Bro. George Machumu, Bro. Posper Rwechungura, Bro. John Muna

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The Cloistered Carmel
P O Box – 38
Bunda – Mara Tanzania

Phone: 00255 – 28 – 262 – 1041
Mobile: +255 787 214 690 / +255 759 004 176

E-mail: monastcarmel@gmail.com


  1. Sr. Teresa Margaret of the Incarnation (Prioress)
  2. Sr. Lisbeth of the Trinity
  3. Sr. Gabriela of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary
  4. Sr. Nirmala Terese of the Blessed Trinity
  5. Sr. Celine of the Immaculate Heart
  6. Sr. Eliza of St. John of the Cross
  7. Sr. Jyothi of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
  8. Sr. Fides of the Blessed Trinity
  9. Postulant Scholastica