God’s Mercy can be experienced by each one of us in different ways and in different circumstances. It cannot be the same always. During the Year of Mercy some of the faithful experienced God’s Mercy in a special way. The community wrote a project to get some help to reach out the needy of the Parish in self-help way. The project was approved by the agency and accordingly we could reach out to 12 individuals and surely through them to their families. Accordingly five were given female goats, five were given female piglets and two were given stitching machines. First they had to sign an agreement that they will take care of it and when it gives birth a female kid and two female piglets will be given back as thanksgiving. And those who got the machines will give a little of their income. This will be given in turn to others and hope this project will continue. We are grateful the agency who really became the instrument of God’s Mercy.