The completion of Novitiate is marked by Simple Profession. The candidate to the Priesthood as per the requirements of the Universal Church has to undergo Philosophical studies which is 3 years and Theological studies which is 4 years. Candidate will have to meet the requirement of Tanzania Commission of Universities (TCU) in order to be enrolled to Jordan University College for these studies.

At the beginning of the fourth year of Theology a brother may be promoted for Final Profession and Ordination to Diaconate. After completion of the fourth year, the brother who by then is a Deacon may be promoted for Priestly Ordination.

01. Br. Inosent Pamfil
02. Br. Faraja Mpussi
03. Br. Emily Epafradito

01. Br. Paul Mbwambo
02. Br. Joachim Ndiale
03. Br. Philipo Charles
04. Br. Nezarius Cleophace

01. Br. Amosi Paschal
02. Br. Edward Tarimo
03. Br. John Makoye
04. Br. Daniel Augustine
05. Br. Santius Savinius
06. Br. Leo Mambombotela

01. Br. Datius Prosper

01. Br. Samson Charles Mangee
02. Br. Ludovick Earnes Masanja
03. Br. John J. Petro
04. Br. Adrianus Mushumbus
05. Br. Gasper Mathew
06. Br. Yohannes Mbogho
07. Br. Godfrey Rogati

01. Br. Maziku Thomas
02. Br. Patrick Kassuwi

01. Br. Michael Christian
02. Br. Peter Ulaya