Carmelite Vicariate in Kihonda, Morogoro Embraces New Postulants in a Solemn Ceremony


Carmelite Vicariate in Kihonda, Morogoro Embraces New Postulants in a Solemn Ceremony

A momentous occasion unfolded at the Carmelite Vicariate in Kihonda, Morogoro, as four dedicated young men embarked on a new chapter of their spiritual journey. The initiation of postulancy, a pivotal step in their path towards becoming Carmelite Brothers, was celebrated with reverence and enthusiasm during a holy Eucharistic celebration.

The ceremony took place under the divine presence at the Carmelite Vicariate, with the Holy Eucharistic celebration being presided over by Fr. Praveen Frank OCD, the regional Vicar. This significant event was graced by the presence of esteemed clergy members, including:

Fr. Raymond Santhanaz OCD, the Councillor in charge of the formation

Fr. Joyson Saldanha OCD, the Formator

Fr. Peter Chami OCD, and

Fr. Stephen Lobo OCD.

The initiates, taking their first steps towards a life of devotion, service, and spiritual growth, were welcomed into the Carmelite family with open arms. The ceremony was filled with a sense of solemnity and joy as the postulants committed themselves to a period of deeper discernment and preparation.

Fr. Raymond Santhanaz, in his thoughtful sermon, emphasized the significance of this journey of postulancy. He spoke about the essence of the Carmelite way of life – one rooted in prayer, community, and selfless service. He encouraged the new postulants to embrace this period as an opportunity for self-discovery and nurturing a closer relationship with God.

During the Eucharistic celebration, the candidates received blessings and prayers from the clergy, signifying the support and encouragement they have in their pursuit. The presence of the Carmelite leadership and the regional Vicar underscored the importance of this initiation, as well as the Vicariate’s commitment to nurturing vocations and spiritual growth.

Fr. Raymond Santhanaz, the Councillor in charge of formation, expressed his joy at witnessing the dedication of these young men. He highlighted the formation process that lies ahead, a time during which they will be nurtured spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally to prepare them for a life of service and contemplation.

The presence of the four postulants, their families, and the entire congregation made the ceremony a truly cherished moment. As they embark on this transformative journey, the Carmelite Brothers-to-be will be guided by the teachings of Christ and the wisdom of the Carmelite tradition.

The initiation of postulancy at the Carmelite Vicariate in Kihonda, Morogoro, marked the beginning of a spiritual odyssey for these four young men. With the blessings of the clergy and the support of their community, they are poised to embrace the Carmelite values of prayer, simplicity, and dedication as they walk the path toward a deeper relationship with God.


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